Why did Trump win—-one more opinion

Everyone is commenting on the reason for Trump’s victory so here is mine: The American people are simply sick and tired of being kicked around by their government. The government wants to tell us how to raise our children, how much water we can have in our toilets, what kind of light bulbs we can buy and a thousand other directives. Unfortunately, there is an element of society that likes to control other people’s lives. This element knows what is best for us and will force it on us. Some refer to these control freaks as “coercive utopians” and a high concentration of them live in and around our nation’s capital. That is why this part of our country provided over 90 percent of its votes to one of the most coercive of the utopians – Hillary Clinton.

Most Americans would simply like the federal government to “Butt Out” of our personal lives and they saw Mr. Trump as more likely to respond to this need.

Roy Miller