Why America voted for Trump

What an unlikely president: flamboyant, wealthy, spontaneous and unconventional. Never could have happened, right? Well, a funny thing happened on the way to the polls. Americans said they have had enough. I know Liberals are clinging to their blankies right now but this too shall pass. Trump needs to perform. He will.

It became apparent to me early on that Trump was so different he commanded attention, albeit negative attention, from his rivals and the press. Even I was taken aback by some of his statements, but Americans were drawn to his message like a moth to a flame. He was different. Many pundits say it was the economy, ISIS, Obamacare, the border, etc. that propelled him into office. All of these issues played a role in his victory. But it was his straight shooting rhetoric that re-enforced what many Americans felt in their guts for the last 40 years; we were no longer in control. Trump exposed the Liberal agenda, the corruption of the establishment, the manipulation of the polls and the bias of the media. They said he was evil and he was attacked by his own party, the opposition and the press. They were wrong, he was right. Americans may be detached at times but as a people we are not overwhelmingly stupid. Trump let the cat out of the bag, the tooth paste out of the tube and the horse out of the barn. Whatever happens in the future, politics and our nation will never be the same. Thank you President – Elect Trump!

Scott Haberman