Obamacare has failed Arizona

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CASA GRANDE – Sheriff Paul Babeu, Republican nominee for Congress in Arizona’s first Congressional District, criticized the extreme rate increases for government mandated Obamacare, supported in some instances with 50-70 percent taxpayer subsidies.

Sheriff Paul Babeu stated, “The promise to keep your doctor, multiple plan options and affordability have all proven to be costly lies. The federal government should not mandate healthcare, which has proven to compromise care, hurt small business and kill jobs.”

Currently, of the fifteen counties in Arizona all of them only have one healthcare option and only Pima County has two choices for health insurance under the program.  

Sheriff Paul Babeu is running against Republican-turned Independent-turned Democrat who is one of the few who was against Obamacare and then was in favor of it.  

“In law enforcement we call this a clue, Obamacare is an utter failure and my opponent supports this disastrous policy-Obamacare,” said Sheriff Paul Babeu.  “Arizona and residents of congressional district 1 cannot afford Tom O’halleran.”chart

Babeu is a veteran of the Iraq War and spent 20 years in the Army National Guard, rising to the rank of major. In addition, Babeu commanded 700 troops on the Arizona-Mexico border as part of Operation Jump Start, which helped reduce illegal immigration and drug smuggling by 94 percent in the Yuma Sector. He was first elected Pinal County Sheriff in 2008 and won reelection in 2012.