Our voice in the wilderness

It is long overdue to call attention to the curious and unnatural alliance of the big-money Moguls of business who provide cover and treasure for Obama, Clinton and their administration.

I refer to the likes of Bill Gates, Jim Cook, Warren “Puppet” Buffett, Jeff Imell and countless lackeys in big banks, insurance and ABC, CBS, NBC. Why would they work against the interest of their own stockholders?

These people, one must assume, have an “understanding” with the administration enforcers. They fear a nightmare which would be IRS John Koskinen sending a crew of FEDS in black jumpsuits to carry off records.

We can recall that the “Puppet” had an old unanswered dispute with IRS about a big shortfall in taxes that seems forgotten now that he’s “all in” with Hillary and Obama.

An old mob Capo once said, “You only have to burn one business or kill one family member to convince people to buy my insurance.”

Friends of the administration can avoid IRS and other inquiries as shown by Tim Geithinen, Ms. Sibelious and those paying tribute.

We have seen how donors to conservative causes or those seeking 501 c-3 states, are treated (beset with audits).

I wish, as a long time reader, to thank you for your hard work and fair minded ability on behalf of our new minority of workers, savers and taxpayers. You are our voice in the wilderness.

Faithful Reader

John P. Brebner
De Pere, Wisconsin