November 2 – 8, 2016

For All Signs:  This is it—election time is finally here.  I, for one, will be relieved to see it come and go.  I have already written that I think Hillary’s horoscope is the winner.  Trump has nowhere to go in an astrological sense.  I hasten to add that I am not promoting anyone, just reading charts.  Now we need only to look at the day of the election, Nov. 8.  It so happens that the Moon is “void of course” throughout the day until 4:45 PM EST.  That phrase means that the matter has been decided; there is nothing new to happen.  The Moon shifts to Pisces in the late afternoon, which suggests there may be a vagueness or shrouding over the evening’s developments.  Some question or confusion may disallow a final verdict for a day or two, but nevertheless it is Hillary’s win.  Unfortunately, she has aspects during 2017 that suggest ill health and the VP might have to work double-time.

Aries:   There is a lot of chatter all around you.  Some of it may be disturbing to your sense of comfort.  It is like nibbling ducks at your ankles.  Don’t buy into it or worry overmuch.  The dust will settle soon and whatever the event, it will be over in a few days’ time.  It’s possible you will have a short bout of a health problem.

Taurus:  A 2nd tier friend may hurt your feelings this week.  It’s old stuff.  Try to let it go.  You are feeling restless and need to try something new.  Commute by a different route or go somewhere you have never visited before.  It is important to make note of these restless feelings and do something about them.  Otherwise you can become hard to live with, even for yourself.

Gemini:  This week offers a good opportunity to refresh your self-care regimen.  Perhaps you will start a new program of diet and exercise.  Helping yourself to better health is on your mind so don’t ignore it.  We need to take advantage of the moment when it comes.

Cancer:  Your partner may be a source of irritation this week.  There’s no point in nagging or engaging in meaningless tiffs.  Take some time for yourself and do something enjoyable on your own.  If you think about it, you probably need some alone time anyway.  Maybe that is why the Other feels irritating.

Leo:  This week you probably have the pleasure of opening your home to others.  You are serving as guide and negotiator to help people become acquainted and share ideas.  Your creativity is readily available and you can easily solve any problems that may arise.

Virgo:  This is an opportune time to clarify your personal feelings and convey them to loved ones without creating a fuss or controversy.  It is also a good time to use your creative talent.  You probably don’t realize how creative you can be since you don’t paint or write music.  But it is there.  Your problem solving ability is great.

Libra:  You may not feel physically your best this week.  Even so, this is a time of pleasure and maybe a little excitement concerning a significant other.  Let your mind be open to unusual suggestions.  Make it a point to interject new spark into the usual routine.  Try something new over the weekend.

Scorpio:  You may feel a sense of tension and irritation as this week begins.  Give careful attention to your vehicle, which may be subject to minor breakdown.  You may have issues with a friend(s), sibling, or roommate this week.  Don’t make a big thing of it.  The tension passes by within a few days.

Sagittarius:  An ancient issue resurfaces between yourself and a family member.  Try not to overreact.  This is old stuff.  Meanwhile there is a sparkle in the works concerning a lover or a creative project.  Your eye for the artistic is working with flair.  It is upbeat and contemporary.

Capricorn:  You may feel stressed by time.  There appears to be a communications project, perhaps concerning the law, publishing, the Internet, or a paper to write that nags at your backside.  There is no doubt you will accomplish the goal immediately in front of you, but it will feel like pulling teeth as you do so.

Aquarius:  A career or life direction project is put on hold for reasons beyond your control.  This is likely temporary.  A casual friend or a group involvement offers something interesting and unusual to do.  You need a break from the routine.  Try a new restaurant or go for a walk somewhere that you’ve never been.

Pisces:  This is a relatively quiet period.  It may be a good time to organize your estate, or clean out closets and do a give-away that will cheer your soul.  Spend some time in the quiet and concentrate on connecting to your deeper self—the side of you who doesn’t often get a word into your thoughts.

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