According To PVT South

Dearly Beloved, Queen Hillary is leading according to the press and news media, the same way President Carter was supposed to be ahead of Ronald Reagan just days before the election. Every four years the Democrats do the same thing pumping up their candidate to improve his or her image while at the same time going the ugly route to tear down the opposition. Have you noticed Obamacare is going up 25% but when Obama was running for President it was supposed to go down for the average American? (A lie is still as good as the truth if everyone believes it.) If you vote for Hillarycare and she wins then it’s too late sucker and the 25% is just an estimated figure for the naive voter. (Long live the Queen.)

After a Hillary win China, Russia, North Korea and other Rogue Nations will be in the news a lot more often and not for the better. A lot of women are voting for Hillary because she is a woman, but women do not win wars. If Canada and Mexico were the only two serious major nations on the planet then women running America would not be that big of a deal. Will the United States still be a number one world power after four years of Queen Hillary? (Good question.)

Early on when the Clintons and Obamas were competing candidates they hated each other, but at election time they love each other. The Democrats figured that out years ago but the self righteous Republicans are voting in all directions that will only help Hillary. (If you vote third party then you are a dumb-ass.) The Republican establishment had Jeb Bush as our next President but amnesty was part of the deal and that’s why he flopped after spending 125 million.

OK, Trump wins! Will the press and news media roll over and support the new President? (Big capital NO) They will go after Trump the same way they went after Ronald Reagan and he was our greatest since FDR.

Time to put on your thinking cap – where would America be today if Big Al Gore had won? OK, how about if John McCain had won? (It’s hell when you have to think real hard.)

PVT South