A Scintilla of Hope

Steele Coddington

A scintilla: a tiny trace, a small spark may indicate there is hope for America’s survival, even if Hillary and Bernie Sanders establish their Saul Alinsky ideology as our new commissars. The spark of hope came from very liberal Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg in an interview recently when she described football players who decline to stand for the National Anthem as, “Dumb and disrespectful.” An opinion aimed at the likes of 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and other athletes who refuse similarly. Kaepernick of course supports the Black Lives Matter narrative and wears socks with pigs on them as a sign of his disrespect for cops. To my mind, as Ginsburg observed, his rationale is dumb because it promotes a false narrative that condemns the Rule of Law as racist.

Justice Ginsburg undoubtedly based her opinion on the belief that our jury, grand jury system and the Rule of Law are what saves America from the chaos and mob rule that created Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, etc, etc, etc. I’d like to think Justice Ginsburg has read Heather MacDonald’s new block-buster book, “The War on Cops.” And if Kaepernick would study this book on law enforcement reality, he would start standing up not only for the National Anthem, but for the vast community of law enforcement that protects every neighborhood from lawless gangs, thugs and dope dealers.

Maybe there is enough of a scintilla to prevent Clinton if elected, from fulfilling her misguided and ignorant promises to rebuild, remake, or “politicize” the police into what would be her nationalized “Brown Shirt” army. All we need is a Washington/Hillary controlled police force subject to direction from people like Obama’s former Attorney General Eric Holder.

Read “The War on Cops” for a prelude on the Ferguson, Missouri Justice Dept. reports. “Eight months after the shooting of Michael Brown, the Justice department released its official report on the incident in March 2015.” The report in detail, “Shredded the incendiary story that had fueled the riots in Ferguson …and made it clear why the Justice department would not be bringing civil rights charges against Officer Darren Wilson.” It documented the truthful narrative!

MacDonald then points out Holder’s slimy little attempt to bias the original report (first report) by revealing that he was “clearly not happy” with it and, “Had already commissioned a second report on the allegedly racist Ferguson police force to counter his own agency’s expected demolition of the (Michael Brown) martyr narrative.” In fact, a few days before the first report was released Holder announced he, “Wanted to lower the standard of proof in civil rights,” and he publicly said, “The decision not to pursue rights charges against Wilson was forced on the Justice department by an overly stringent evidentiary standard.” This of course fed the left-wing advocacy groups, N.Y Times, Huffington Post, etc., just the right ammo to continue pursuing the false racial bias narrative.

It’s interesting to know, thanks to MacDonald’s revelations, little gems like this: “The first report was written by the Criminal Section {of the Justice Department} in conjunction with the F.B.I. and the U.S. Attorney’s office for the Eastern District of Missouri, and displays a striking understanding of police work.” The second report engineered by Holder, “Came out of the Special Litigation Section, known for its hostility to the police and staffed almost exclusively by graduates of left-wing advocacy groups.”

We need to support our local law enforcement officers! They aren’t the bad guys. It’s “Liberal elites … focused exclusively on phantom police and criminal-justice racism” that are poisoning the attempts to seriously address, “the crime-breeding chaos of inner city underclass culture,” our law enforcement agencies face every day.