Nonreleasable bobcat becomes protective foster mom

Dizzy is the newest bobcat foster parent at Southwest Wildlife Center. Photo by: Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center

Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center has a new little mama in town, but don’t let her size fool you, she’s as fierce as they come!  It was time to look at our sanctuary residents for another possible bobcat foster parent, and we think we’ve found her!  Meet Dizzy.

We lost our terrific foster parent bobcat Mr. Foster to cancer and Mrs. Foster is trying to raise babies on her own. It’s a big job and Mrs. Foster isn’t a young cat anymore. Read all about how we chose Miss Dizzy to try her paw at raising rambunctious baby bobcats and how the introduction to her first foster kittens went on her Wild Family page on the website!

With the monthly support of our Wild Family, we make sure the animals get the medical care, time and attention they need to heal and thrive. Monthly giving is the easiest way to support the mission of Southwest Wildlife.  Find out more about how you can belong to our Wild Family of monthly supporters here:

Seeing the foster parents care for babies truly touches our hearts. Nature provides wonderful miracles.

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