Shock Polls media don’t want American voters to see

Joseph R. John

The results of the UCLA/LA Times poll, which began on July 4, 2016, are the type of information the left of center liberal media establishment doesn’t want American voters to see.  That poll reveals the naked truth about the true standing of the presidential race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

In that poll, Hillary is losing despite the fact that her campaign has been spending hundreds of millions of dollars on TV ads attacking Donald Trump in key battle ground states; in this particular poll Donald Trump has a 2 percent lead over Hillary (he is not losing by between 8-10 percent reported daily by the liberal press).  Donald Trump has not spent one cent on TV ads in key battleground states. The dishonest left of center liberal media establishment has consistently refused to report the results of the below listed poll to the American voters, ever since July 4, 2016.

Donald Trump’s support from Black Americans rose to 12.8 percent, and his support from Hispanic Americans rose to 36.5 percent—more of a percentage of support by minorities than either Mitt Romney or John McCain received during their respective presidential bids.  At this same period in August 1988 in the Vice President George Bush versus Governor Michael Dukakis presidential race, Vice President Bush was down by 16 percent, but he subsequently won the election in November with 53 percent of the vote.

The Republican Political Ruling Class has been violating President Reagan’s rule, “Do not to speak ill of another Republican.” Their vocal criticism lays bare their fear that if Donald Trump is elected, he would destroy their cozy relationship with the Democrat Political Ruling Class, and with K Street lobbyists, who have been betraying the American people for the last 8 years—Washington DC needs a wrecking ball to shatter the rampant corruption.

The American liberal press, TV Networks, Hollywood leftists, and a relatively small, but vocal, number of Never Trump Republicans, by repeatedly attacking
Donald Trump, continue to violate President Reagan’s rule, are actually supporting Hillary’s election, by trying to undercut Mr. Trump’s appeal.

The press continues to cover up, every one of Hillary repeated violations of National Security Regulations over a 4 year period, where over 1000 classified messages were transmitted on a unclassified server; over the years enlisted military personnel, who didn’t have the support of a dishonest Attorney General protecting them, went to jail for violating National Security Regulations for, in some cases, for violating rules for just one classified message—–not for destroying 33,000 messages.

The press has been covering up Hillary’s illegal destruction of 33,000 messages that were transmitted on her unauthorized unclassified server in her home, that foreign governments and WikiLeaks have hacked—some of those ,messages are so highly classified that the Congress and the American people will never know what was in them.

For 4 years the dishonest press has covered up Hillary’s personal responsibility for refusing to provide adequate security for the US Mission in Benghazi, despite the fact that the US Ambassador pleaded directly to Hillary, 6 times, for adequate security saying his life was being targeted.  Hillary’s repeated refusals, led directly to the death of 4 Americans in Benghazi.  Then she flagrantly lied to the nation and to the families of those 4 dead Americans by saying, a u-tube was responsible for a demonstration that went bad, when she knew the attack on the US Mission was a planned commando attack by over 125 Radical Islamic Terrorists.

The most damaging action against the United States Hillary took, while she was Secretary of State, was to provide her signature approval to give Putin’s Russian Nuclear Energy Agencies control of an America company, Uranium One, and with it, 20 percent of all of the United States Uranium reserves.

While she was Secretary of State, Hillary’s criminal money laundering operation, funneling hundreds of millions of dollars in donations from foreign government and foreign companies into a Canadian off shore bank; some of those funds were subsequently funneled into the Clinton Foundation US accounts; it was reported that only 4 percent of those funds ever went to charities.

If Hillary were ever elected, she professes on the stump, that she would continue Obama’s destructive and anti-American policies – the same disastrous policies that have brought in over 900,000 Muslim refugees from the Middle East and resettled them in 185 cities without letting the FBI vet them to determine if they have terrorist ties, would continue Obama’s tax and spend policies that are aimed at destroying the Free Enterprise System that built the most effective economic engine in the history of mankind, increased the threat of terrorism in the homeland where there have already been 86 terrorist attacks by Radical Islamic Terrorist on Obama’s watch that the press continues to covers up, where the FBI now has over 1000 ISIS terrorist investigations underway in all 50 states, continue to use Common Core to force feed socialism into the fabric of the education of our youth in undergraduate education, continue the division and murderous conflict along racial lines that America hasn’t seen since the early 1950s, maintain a constant flood of illegal aliens to enter the US thru the wide open southern border, and bring in hundreds of thousands of unassimilable Muslim refugees into the American homeland from the most radical places on earth.

The Republican leadership in Congress, by their legislative action and failure to act, have revealed their true colors over the last 8 years.  They’ve demonstrated that they are only doing what is in their best interest, not what is in the best interest off the American people.  They have voted to allow the national debt to rise $20 trillion, sat on their hands while Obama hallowed out the US military, provided federal funding for over 300 lawless sanctuary cities that disobey federal laws,  refused to use the power of the purse to stop Obama’s lawless immigrations policies, allowed the Department of Health and Human Services to threaten to withhold education funding to all 50 states if they don’t employ their Common Core Curriculum to indoctrinate America’s youth in Socialism, and for 8 years have refused to pass legislature to close the wide open southern border thru which drugs, illegal aliens, and terrorist freely enter.

For 8 years the Republican leadership in congress has not only betrayed the Republicans who put them in office, they repeatedly betrayed the Republican Conservative Caucus in Congress by working against them, and side with Democrats on the other side of the isle, in order to frustrate hundreds of Conservative Congressmen, to pass legislature that is not in the best interest of the American Free Enterprise System, nor in the best interest of American citizens.

The Republican Party will never be the same after this election, and Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Lindsey Graham, Governor John Kasich, Governor Jeb Bush and Governor Mitt Romney have forever destroyed any presidential ambitions they may still have.

Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62

Capt USN(Ret)/Former FBI

Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC

2307 Fenton Parkway, Suite 107-184

San Diego, CA 92108