Our U.S. Constitution is being ignored

The Constitution only gave the Federal Government 20 responsibilities. Everything else was given to the citizens and the states. Here are some things that are being done by the government but are unconstitutional.

Education, health care, climate control.

The government is getting away with violating the constitution because the constitution is not being taught in schools any more.

The average citizen is not aware their elected officials are simply management employees of the legal citizens hired by the board of directors, the voters to serve us and not for us to serve them and we have the constitutional right to tell the management employees to get back to the constitution.

Because the citizens do not realize they have that authority, they will do nothing unless you give them the facts and ask them to contact those management employees and tell them to get back to the constitution or get fired.

One other fact. The constitution does not authorize those management employees to be in Washington almost year round and draw their salary the rest of their life.

I did not serve my nation in the US Air Force to see our nation being destroyed like it is. It infuriates me and it should infuriate you also.

How about giving your readers the facts and ask them to help turn our nation back to the constitution.

I am sending this information to every newspaper I possibly can.

Edwin Slaten