“Roll Me Over In The Clover”

Steele Coddington

My version of how BREXIT really happened! Back in 1944 a racy new song was a huge hit in England. Back then, to the weary Brits, it was a delightfully naughty song the ordinary citizen could sing with abandon. No bad or dirty words, just a happy, boisterous tune with sexual implications and a meaning that brought temporary humorous relief from the weariness of waging an ugly war of survival. It gave them strength and it took their minds briefly away from the reality of the WWII battle for their sovereignty and civilization. You’ve heard the song probably long ago – “Roll Me Over In The Clover.”

But time and tides have given new meaning to the song and who is being rolled over in the clover. It has reemerged and this time it was probably a prevailing influence in the mentality that caused England’s exit from the European Union (EU). As a member of EU, many economic and financial factors came into play that raised the question of value and the size of England’s contributions. The EU’s headquarters in Brussels was an increasingly bureaucratic and indecisive governance that often presented problems.

But the real, though officially overlooked and growing problem was the negative implications of increasing Islamic immigration from the EU. Its sad consequences involved wide spread disappointment in the failure to find social acceptability in England for a restrictively punitive foreign culture that was increasingly more invasive of English society.

The incursion of Muslims and their adherence to the Muslim Brotherhood’s agenda of Islamic “civilization jihad” began to scare the ordinary Brits living near their enclaves. The process duplicated the stealth development of similar “no-go” zones in France, Belgium, Germany and the U.S (it’s already here) and everywhere else where unfettered Muslim immigration is allowed. It was the Brotherhood blue print for “peaceful jihad” of Sharia, slowly undermining the established culture. The movement has been tacitly ignored by Western countries’ leadership thanks largely to civilized societies’ liberal worship of multiculturism and blinding ignorance of Islamism. The “enclaves” grew until the poor neighborhoods of ordinary Brits said, “Where the hell are our traditions and sovereignty going?” as Sharia began infiltrating and corrupting local tradition and legal jurisprudence.

So the blessed English people, the populace, victims of a foreign subversion slowly corrupting their sovereignty said, “Enough.” They turned on their leaders and their liberal adoption of the questionable benefits of immigration and said, “We’re the ones from that 1944 song getting rolled over in the clover. We are getting screwed by you, the Muslims, Islam and the EU.” Slowly they engineered a change of mentality that ultimately won the BREXIT. They may have done so in time to preserve a civilization founded on individual freedom in the Magna Carta in 1215.

America is now being “Rolled Over In The Clover” by liberals proposing increasing Muslim immigration. Hillary wants to establish a new government agency of IMMIGRATION. You know that would soon be bigger and more radical than the Labor, Education and IRS Agencies. If she is elected, she will become the Sharia Queen. We desperately need more Newt Gingriches to publicize the threat of Islamic immigration. Here’s a new chorus for an old song that Newt can use:

“Don’t roll us over in Islam’s clover,

Or Islam’s sure to take us over.”