Mayoral candidate Marsolo files for referendum

Anna Marsolo
Anna Marsolo

CAVE CREEK – Mayoral candidate Anna Marsolo filed paperwork on July 25 under the Political Action Committee “Preserve Our Community First” in order to collect signatures to refer a unanimously-passed ordinance to the qualified electors.

The ordinance, which was passed on July 18, adds a new Title XV, Chapter 156 titled: “Transfer of Development Rights,” to the Cave Creek Town Code.

The ordinance allows the owner of one parcel of land to transfer potential development rights for that parcel of land to another parcel in order to allow for the consolidation of open space, thereby providing larger contiguous areas where the public may enjoy outdoor recreation while allowing for greater flexibility for the development of property in selected areas of town.

The ordinance was proposed only to give the town another tool that might assist developers with their projects while, at the same time, provide the community with more desirable open space in much the same way density transfers are often utilized.

As explained by Town Attorney Bill Sims during the July 18 council meeting, the ordinance doesn’t provide any properties with special rights and any proposed projects requesting to transfer such rights would still be required to go through the same notification, review and approval process as any other project.

Marsolo has until 5 p.m. on Aug. 17 to collect 199 valid signatures.