Candidate Forum at Town Hall

Monday, June 27 at 7 p.m

I thank the Sonoran News for providing a forum to introduce the candidates for mayor and council to Cave Creek citizens.

Several aspects of the Sonoran News forum make this a unique opportunity for Cave Creek voters. In the past, The Arizona Republic has sponsored forums, but has not provided that service in recent elections. In fact, they no longer have a reporter assigned to cover Cave Creek and The Arizona Republic seldom reports about issues in our community.

Dan Baxley is an excellent choice as the moderator. Dan has provided leadership in the community for many years. He also demonstrated skill and impartiality moderating the last Sonoran News forum.

As in the past, the Sonoran News forum will honor its history of occurring on neutral ground with the Town Hall venue. In former elections a group of candidates have held public forums they conducted and in a venue they paid for. That practice can bias a forum. As Cave Creek’s local newspaper, Sonoran News serves the whole community.

Thomas McGuire