Stargazer: June 1-7, 2016



For All Signs:  The lethargy is almost over! On June 17th there will be an exact square of Saturn and Neptune. This is the third in a long series that began in early 2015 so we have experienced the influence for many months. Saturn rules hard core reality, the rules, and limits of our lives. Neptune rules the spiritual, the ethereal, that which is illusive, lacking clear boundaries and may be addictive and deceptive. Neptune, which rules the sea, is stronger than Saturn, just as the ocean (Neptune’s realm) is stronger than Exxon’s saturnine concrete structures. A micro view of this aspect’s dilemma is symbolized by the current hysteria over bathroom choices. In and of itself, the issue is really moot and an illusory sham. It is more about the need of the Far Right to control the great unwashed at every possible level. So the Right generates terror over an issue that has always been extant. If the public buys the fear, they will allow extremely conservative rule over everyone. This is the theme of Orwell’s “1984” to the max. Neptune is the equivalent of water, which will eventually erode stone. This will all go away in due time. The Saturnine among us who accept this “terror”, will sooner or later lock themselves into an isolated box of rules or give up entirely. So, as with bathrooms, why bother with hysteria?

Aries:  You have no new aspects this week. However, your planetary avatar, Mars, continues to be retrograde. As the ancient god of war, he represents a struggle occurring within you. The battle may be represented by a conflict of internal values or an impasse about how to access what you want. The material, moral or ethical cost of moving forward could be causing your hesitation.

Taurus: You may be taking a sober look at one or more relationships. Even the very closest friends cannot know each other from the inside. Sometimes we forget this fact and need to become aware that we are actually separate beings, helping when we can. Sometimes our energy is too low to be there for one another.

Gemini: You are in a reasonably good place with yourself at this time. Your heart and mind are flowing together. You have no conflict between your feelings and your thoughts about those feelings. This is a time for reflection on important subjects. You can make good decisions now. Family activities and traditions are comforting now.

Cancer: Day to day life is favorable at present. There are no big conflicts between you and anyone of importance. Social life is favored with partner, friends, and neighbors. Short trips to interesting nearby places could prove refreshing and educational. Contractual agreements are favored now.

Leo: There is the possibility that you will attract someone who is needy, causing you to feel that you should help. Before you go very far, talk to your friends and ask who this person is. He or she might be a “vampire,” one who takes far more than he can give. Outside of that, there is also the possibility of an encounter with the ethereal world.

Virgo: This is a time in which your exuberance and enthusiasm may carry you farther than you really intended to go. You will certainly have more energy to do whatever you choose, but take care that you don’t promise way more than you can deliver. Your warm and generous heart will have a heyday. If money is an issue, leave the credit card(s) at home.

Libra: For any number of reasons, circumstances may leave you out of the social loop this week. It’s possible that you do not feel well. Astrologically this is a time for self-reflection and not self-condemnation. Having a quiet week is appropriate at this time. Don’t turn this into a negative belief about yourself. Enjoy the time to be still and enjoy the quiet.

Scorpio: Your ruling planet, Mars, is retrograding in your sign. Your physical and libidinal energy may go into a dip for a while. You may be surprised to find that you have changed your mind about circumstances and people in your life. Do not worry. You haven’t lost your mind. Your desire to back away is a signal that you are burning out and tired. Rest for now.

Sagittarius: Don’t allow fear and pessimism to interfere with your pleasure in life. If something is nagging at you, take a clear and direct look at it. Is there really anything there, or have you invented your own worry? The blues may be your companion for a couple of days over the weekend, but the cloudy time is short.

Capricorn:  Issues among people in the workplace may be prominent now. This is the time to seek out win-win solutions for anyone involved. If you have been focused on a physical self-improvement program in recent months, now is the time for display of the outcome. You will be compensated as you deserve.

Aquarius: Aspects are not the best for the Waterbearers at this time. You may feel isolated or as though no one around you can possibly understand who or what you are. In some way life circumstances may be preventing you from communicating. This is a test of Faith. The inner critic could overrun your mind if you allow it. Remember that feelings come and go like waves. They never remain the same.

Pisces: It is possible you will feel a sense of fatigue this week. Maybe something has caused you to be disappointed with yourself. Don’t take the blues seriously or worry about yourself. In a few days you will feel much better. It is a temporary mood swing. Get some extra rest. Stay in touch with good friends.

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