Mary Elrod announces candidacy for Cave Creek Town Council

I married into the Elrod family and couldn’t be more proud of their Cave Creek roots. The Elrod Family has been fencing Arizona for over 60 years and the home base for the Elrod Fence Company is Cave Creek. Our home is here, our work is here and our lives are here. We’re raising our children and grandchildren in Cave Creek and Cave Creek is important to our family in every aspect.

My family has been part of the Cave Creek Fiesta Days Rodeo for over 3 decades. We have founding members, volunteer members, board members and an annual sponsorship that spans the majority of our rodeo’s 39 years of existence. I call that participation “protecting our Western Heritage’ because I can’t think of anything more Western than our town’s Pro Rodeo. The Elrod family will always support Fiesta Days because we feel it is the most significant annual event that truly and accurately showcases our town’s unique western charm and history.

I love this town, the people, the unique character and the Cave Creek brand. I believe it is important to have a unified council that represents all of that and more. It is time to unite and fight for our beloved town.

I have a strong understanding of what we need to do and great feedback on the priorities. It is up to our citizens to inform the town’s leadership of what is most important. I want to fix the broken communication between our citizens and the town. As taxpaying citizens, the town should work for you.

I’m open to your suggestions and promise to be fair to everyone. I have no slate, no personal agenda, no preconceived notions and no special interests. My only interest is to make the Town of Cave Creek what it once was – a place we were all proud to say we are from! Proud, unified citizens. It must happen. I truly believe I can make a difference.

Please feel free to contact me at