Scottsdale seeks input from Downtown stakeholders on parking solutions

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Downtown Scottsdale is a growing hub for business, culture and entertainment. People want to be here and that means parking is sometimes at a premium.  To improve the overall Downtown experience for residents, visitors and businesses, Scottsdale is examining solutions for public parking in the area. The city is seeking feedback from Downtown businesses and property owners on potential short-term solutions through an online survey. The improvements include:

  • Beginning the free Downtown Trolley at 5 a.m. to encourage full-time Downtown employees to park in unrestricted public parking lots further away.
  • Implementing and enforcing two-hour parking limits for public street parking in the northeast quadrant of Downtown.
  • Providing information to area employers about mass transit services that could help their employees.
  • Improving the availability of parking information through wayfinding signage or a mobile app.

To provide feedback, request additional information or a meeting with staff, Downtown businesses and property owners can visit and search “Downtown parking” or complete the online survey.

At the same time, positive private investments have occurred in the area, such as the recent completion of 236 additional parking spaces in the Galleria Corporate Centre garage, enhancing overall parking capacity in Downtown’s northeast quadrant.

Mid and long-term parking solutions are also being examined, including the feasibility of developing a privately-funded  structure with more than 700 parking spaces on the site of the current 6th Avenue surface lot. This could occur through a public bid process that would allow a developer to lease a portion of the spaces for exclusive business use.

Get more information about parking and other Downtown initiatives via the Downtown Scottsdale e-newsletter. Sign up at, search “Downtown.”