Trail system

We are responding to Mr. Diefenderfer’s letter published in the May 1st edition of Sonoran News. We are avid hikers and enjoy the trails in the area like many of our neighbors.

However, we understand the objection others have to some areas of the trail system. We have a public trail in close proximity to our home and unfortunately, once a trail is created it is not limited to fellow hikers, bikers and equestrians. It becomes a pathway for ATV’s, dirt bikes and other off road vehicles.

It becomes an area littered with dog feces from inconsiderate pet owners. It generates considerably more dust and affects privacy as many veer off trail on to private property and ignore trail hours and etiquette.

Creating a new connector that avoids a pay station also takes away from the revenue Cave Creek Rec and Spur Cross depend to maintain the local parks and trails.

There are hundreds of miles of other existing trails in Arizona to enjoy. Please understand convenience for a few becomes a nuisance to many.

G. Hollinger