Letter touches on finances

This month I thought I would touch on the delicate subject of finance. At the last General Meeting, I mentioned some of the fixed expenses the League has to pay to provide member services. Monthly costs included Gallery rent at $2,500, Studio mortgage at $1,843 and Stagecoach Village Condo Association at $809. In addition, we have costs, including payroll, electricity, water, insurance, telephone and general overhead totaling $16,152 a month.

Why am I mentioning finances? I believe it is important for League Members to be aware of the cost of running the organization. You then have an understanding of where your membership fee goes to and see the importance of the League raising money from other sources, besides Hidden in the Hills.

If you would like to chip in a donation, however small, you can do so at the Gallery, Studio or on our Website.

I hope you have a good May and will take the time to join us for General Meeting on May 23rd, and the opening of the new gallery exhibition, “Everything State 48” on May 16th.

David Court
President, Sonoran Arts League