Land conservation = water conservation

The creation of Carefree Park will save Carefree over 4 million gallons of water every year.

It is not true that Carefree Park is asking the Town of Carefree for money either to acquire this land or to maintain it. Carefree Park’s efforts to acquire and conserve the 48-acre Arizona State Land parcel in Carefree, if successful, will be made by generous private donations and federal, state and family foundation grants.

The Sonoran Desert is rapidly being destroyed by development. This 48-acre state land parcel is currently zoned for about 28 homes. Bulldozing this land to build these homes not only destroys some of the only remaining untouched Sonoran Desert that is just minutes from our town center but it would also a short sighted financial decision. Building 28 homes would provide Carefree with a one time construction income. After that, this new residential development places an additional burden on Carefree’s limited resources. Whereas a beautiful and safe place to hike only minutes from town center will draw people to Carefree and to our town center’s shops and restaurants.

If Carefree Park is able to save this land, we save a wildlife corridor and a rich desert habitat that includes over 250 old-growth saguros. According to our water professionals, we will also save over 4 million gallons of water every year that would have been used by the homes that this land is currently zoned for.

Anyone who wants the truth, please visit the non-profit organization’s website at We need your generous donations because it is the right thing to do for the town we have made our home, CAREFREE!

Wendy M.