Cave Creek Museum opens Speakers Bureau

The Cave Creek Museum has established a speakers bureau to educate and share the area’s rich history with others in the community.

“We have knowledgeable and personal folks who will gladly speak to your group, club, institution or business,” says Darlene Southern, president of Cave Creek Museum. “Subject matters cover a broad number of topics, from archeology to history, natural history, mining, preservation, social issues and many interests in between.”

Johnson adds that the bureau has some of Cave Creek Museum’s most popular presenters. Among them are Stephanie Bradley, Kraig Nelson and Greg Barnhart, all experienced speakers who for many years have led sold out programs at the museum.

“Whether they are speaking on the museum property or at your venue, they are experienced at educating and engaging the audience.”

Some of the key topics currently offered by Cave Creek Museum speakers include: The Boulders At The Boulders Aren’t Really Boulders; Men of Gold; The History and Mystery of Gold Hill; Carefree Ranch; and Grace Schoonover, Archaeological Adventuress. Presenters also may speak on topics suggested by the organizers when given time to research.

Inviting a speaker from Cave Creek Museum is free, although donations are gratefully accepted.

The 53-year-old Cave Creek Museum’s mission is to preserve the artifacts of the prehistory, history, culture and legacy of the Cave Creek Mining District and the Cave Creek/Carefree foothills area through education, research and interpretive exhibits. The Cave Creek Museum is located at 6140 E. Skyline Drive in Cave Creek, Ariz. Open October through May. If you are interested in a presentation, please contact Johnson at 480.488.2764 or