Cave Creek Mayor Bob Morris announces run for second term

“I want to finish the work I began 11 years ago to protect our Town, our residents, and businesses with capable and effective leadership in government. My work on behalf of our community has been a major factor in repairing our water infrastructure, increasing water supplies, prohibiting subsidies, enhancing open space at Spur Cross, correcting longstanding traffic and safety problems and, most importantly, saving lives with world class emergency and fire service,” explained Mayor Morris.

“My second term will finish protecting water service with a Phoenix interconnection. The longstanding and severe risk of having a single, 12-mile water pipeline from Central Arizona Project (CAP) in Phoenix has taken 10 years of complex planning and negotiations to solve. It has endured challenges due to Covid, inflation, and delays but its cost is built into water rates and has been reduced by securing a $2,000,000 federal infrastructure grant.”

“Under my leadership, will see the completion of our fire station renovation and the construction of a second fire station shared with our partner, Daisy Mountain, on the west side of town off Carefree Highway. We will see a dramatic increase in road repairs, resurfacing, new paving, pedestrian safety improvements in the Town Core, vastly increased speeding enforcement, and safer, lighted crosswalks,” Morris emphasized.

“After recently protecting Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area with the acquisition of more than 30 acres of prime hillside, I look forward to saving thousands more scenic hills, native habitat, and washes from commercial development on the west side,” said Morris.

“Due in large part to my business and professional engineering background, I have the proven ability to solve longstanding problems, ensure fiscal responsibility, well represent Cave Creek in Arizona government, and serve with dignity and integrity.

I ask for your continued support as Cave Creek voters to return me as Mayor of the best town in Arizona!” concluded Mayor Morris.