Judy Bruce

In my last article, I stated that “You Gotta Have Art”.  The Illinois Art Education Association, for an annual slogan, picked that important quote when I was teaching art in Skokie, Illinois.  It always resonated with me because I saw the need daily with my art students. When I studied and visited ancient cave paintings, I realized that we have always needed art!  

The cave paintings date all the way back to 14,000—40,000 years ago.  The early artists communicated with their wall paintings before they had numbers or words.  The cave figures were powerful, expressive, and beautiful, telling stories, revealing secrets, fears, and hopes.   

These ancient artists have much to tell us today. The handmade, aesthetically beautiful, and truly authentic can give us joy and purpose and allow us to be fully human.   

Art has been and continues to be essential to humankind!  Whether you create art, learn about art, or enjoy looking at or owning a piece of art, the Sonoran Arts League has exciting classes at the League Studio that can help provide a window into your own creativity and production. There is always visually exciting art at the League Gallery.  

We know that “ART SAVES LIVES and that ART HEALS”!  In future articles I will explore how art saves and how art heals.  In the meantime, I hope to see you at League events and please remember, “You Gotta Have Art”!