Women & guns

Would you agree telling a woman NOT to learn how to use a firearm to be beneficial? Or detrimental?

I believe that NOT teaching a woman to learn the proper use of a firearm is detrimental. Protecting what you love with a firearm can be frightening for most, however waiting for help, defenseless and vulnerable, is a terrible option. Knowing how to use a firearm safely and properly MUST be your first priority.

When I first started my Firearms Instruction, my classes were filled with 100% women. Many had never shot a gun; many were afraid to hold one. We have had young girls ages 13 all the way up to an 83-year-old (I did not ask her age; she was proud to tell me)

What if it were your daughter whose life was being threatened? Or your sister? Or your mother? Would you want them to wait and pray for help to come, or would you want them to have the means to fight back and protect themselves? Think about it, are you prepared to shoot under stress? There are some things that you don’t have time to think about in a high stress situation.

I want everyone, especially women, to be as prepared and as safe as they possibly can be. That is why I train and teach everything I can about how to use a firearm for self-defense, real world scenarios. Because when push comes to shove, the only one who can protect you is you. I also believe in preparation and situational awareness. Maybe all the years training in the military and then in law enforcement has prepared me for the possible threats, however this is something that can be taught to anyone.

Women who buy guns are strong, weak, old, and young. They are experienced, or inexperienced. They are not vigilantes. They are people like you and me who realize that life and family are worth protecting in a dangerous world, and they want to have a fighting chance should a threat come unexpectantly.
Women who buy guns are bold. They are determined. They are responsible. They are wise. And they are willing to learn.

The kind of woman who buys a gun realizes that it is not enough to just understand how to use the firearm safely and effectively for protection; she recognizes the importance of gun safety and training her family members. She also tells her friends and lives a responsible Armed-American lifestyle.

This is what I see when women learn how to use guns:

  1. They feel empowered
  2. They are no longer afraid of their firearm
  3. They begin to feel they can protect themselves and their families
  4. They have more peace of mind
  5. They have a better sense of confidence
  6. They will begin to learn how to carry their own handguns, open or concealed
  7. They encourage other women to shoot
    I have had the joy of working with over 100 women since I started my business in October 2020. As Annie Oakley says it best “I would like to see every woman handle firearms as naturally as they know how to handle babies.”
    Violent crime is still a real threat that can strike anyone — anytime, anywhere. The latest statistics from the FBI (2015) show there were 1,197,704 violent crimes reported nationwide and an overall increase of 5.3 percent in that number for the first six months of 2016. These numbers are hard for some of us to understand, but that is because we are rational, law-abiding members of society. We are the sheepdogs that must help protect our loved ones, our friends, and even complete strangers from the wolves out there.
    Remember, owning or carrying a firearm is not about statistics or constitutional arguments, it’s not about the gear, and to be honest, it’s not even about the gun. It is about taking a small measure of personal responsibility for our safety and the safety of our families. It is about making it home safe at night and being safe while in our homes. It is about recognizing that we are our families’ first responder. And it is about taking that responsibility seriously. Violent crime is still a real threat that can strike anyone — anytime, anywhere. Visit our website to learn more about our Well-Armed Women Club.

Never Stop Training!

Oz Johnson/Lead Instructor, NRA Certified
Karin Johnson/Operations Manager
[email protected]