Rodeo Queen and Teen Queen selected

Queen Bio – Montana Cook
Montana Cook is 19 years old and has lived in Cave Creek for 6 years.  She has always had a passion for animals and anything horses.  She grew up showing Arabians and high school rodeoing, as well as showing sheep and goats through 4-H and FFA.  Montana continued her rodeo career after high school and is now barrel racing in the GCPRA.  She has one older brother, who she loves to go hunting with and her mother and father who have helped her tremendously with going down the rodeo road.  She graduated high school a year ago and then went on and worked for Peterson Performance Horses where she traveled the country showing and loping cutting horses.  After she came off the rodeo road, she went on to work with her father at Ancon Services where she helps with dispatch and DOT for the truck drivers.  If she is not rodeoing or working, you can find Montana out playing with her Boarder Collie, Koda, or training colts.

Teen Queen Bio – Elisabeth Cunningham
Elisabeth Cunningham is 17 years old and lives in the New River/Desert Hills area.  Her love of the sport of rodeo and horses, Elisabeth wants to make an impact on the western lifestyle for generations to come for the future of cowboys and cowgirls.  Elisabeth competitively shot archery for 6 years, she also competively shot shotguns for a few years, played volleyball in Junior High, and loves riding horses and being outdoors.  Elisabeth has been riding horses her whole life and for the last few years has been learning from a tip trainer how to gain the trust of Wild Mustangs.  She has put her first ride on a wild mustang and many more after the first.  She has volunteered at horse rescues and her future wish is to continue her passion of training horses and spread the joys of the western lifestyle.  Elisabeth also has dreams of becoming a veterinarian technician in the future.