In the world we live in today, safety and security has become a #1 priority for so many people. The process of establishing safety and security begins with the right mindset. Having the right mindset consists of:

  1. Situational Awareness
  2. “What if” thinking
  3. Creating a Plan
  4. Knowledge and Training to Succeed
  5. Situational Awareness allows the removal of “blinders” that are often worn through normal everyday living. With the enhanced digital age our attention & focus is often consumed somewhere else, instead of what lurks a step away or around the next corner. Situational awareness is key to staying safe and in determining your next course of action when a potential scenario presents itself. Being aware of your surroundings is a conscious decision and does not occur naturally. It takes training and practice.
  6. “What If” thinking. The “what if” question opens your mind to unforeseen scenarios and begins the creation of your emergency plan. Creating emergency scenarios in your mind before they have actually occurred prepares you ahead of time to react to that emergency. “What if that car doesn’t stop at the red light?” “What if the person in front of me at the checkout counter pulls out a gun?” This process prepares your mind for your reaction in case the scenario actually plays through, allowing you to move to the next phase.
  7. Creating a plan. The more “What if” thinking that takes place, the easier it is in creating a plan. If you anticipate an action will occur, your mind is already preparing for your reaction. This thought process takes place in quick reaction planning as well as long term planning such as defending your home. “What if Civil Unrest showed up to my front door?.” “What if I had an encounter with an armed criminal?.”
  8. Knowledge and Training to Succeed. Defending what you love always comes at a price. Time, money, effort… The right knowledge and training can dramatically increase the odds of surviving a deadly encounter, so you don’t have to pay the ultimate price. Whether you are adding to the security of a structure, purchasing, or learning to handle a firearm, or attending self-defense classes, every bit of knowledge and training will increase your odds of success.
    Experiencing a life-threatening situation, or deadly encounter, is not pleasant and I do not wish it upon anyone. But I know that the odds of prevailing through such an experience can substantially be increased just by the knowledge one has and the ability to gain the proper mindset needed to survive.
    I’ve taught quite a few firearms classes, tactical training, and survival courses in my thirty plus years in military and law enforcement. My students have varied from military and law enforcement personnel whose job is to “Hunt” the bad guy; to civilians who have different expectations of what they are going to do with their training and knowledge, mostly defending themselves and loved ones, hence the “Defender.”
    Please take the time to prepare yourself in the event of needing to Protect & Defend what you love. Learn what the law says, are you protected financially in the event of needing to “bail” yourself out? If you don’t practice with your handgun or rifle at LEAST once a month, consider making this a part of your monthly goal for 2024.
    We have classes for all levels of students!
    Never Stop Training!

Oz Johnson/Lead Instructor, NRA Certified
Karin Johnson/Operations Manager
[email protected]