Concealed Carry traffic stop

During a Concealed Carry Traffic Stop, Remember… There are 5 things you should do.

-Pull over safely and completely.

-Everyone sits still.

-If you can’t be polite, be quiet.

-Wait for instructions.

-Tell the Officer you are in possession of a firearm.

No one likes a traffic stop, but doing these few things when you conceal carry will ensure yours ends safely for everyone.

Think about this: The most dangerous thing a police officer does every day are traffic stops. Every traffic stop is potentially deadly for a police officer. And it’s not just the danger of gunfire or sudden assault that a police officer faces; passing traffic is even more deadly. You, as a responsibly armed citizen, must understand that a police officer is already on alert even before arriving at your vehicle window. The officer is on the lookout for a whole host of dangers and does not know your intentions during this interaction.

Officer safety is the overriding element in any police interaction with the public. A police officer does not know what to expect, so you can bet he or she is expecting the worst until such time as he or she is given a clear indication that an interaction will be peaceful and without incident. Even so, all cops know good incidents can go bad very quickly. It is sad but true that anything can happen at any time. There is no such thing as a routine traffic stop.
Remember, the officer doesn’t know anything about you. The only information available prior to the stop is the vehicle information and information on the registered owner. You will dictate the officer’s level of concern and influence his or her actions. A good officer will not approach your car thinking you are a sociopath. But a good officer also knows you could turn out to be one.

The easier you make things; the easier things will be. Yes, I’ve heard it 1000 times, you’re not responsible for making the officer feel safe. That is true, that’s the officer’s responsibility, but your actions can escalate his.
If you live in a state that requires you to inform a police officer that you have a firearm in the vehicle during a traffic stop, now is the time to do so. Calmly tell the officer that you have a concealed carry permit and that you have your personal weapon with you and where it is located. Some states do not require you to tell the officer that you are carrying, unless asked. Then you must inform them that you are. Because I have a Concealed Carry Permit, I make it a habit to hand it to the officer with my driver’s license. Follow the officer’s instructions to the letter.

Cops deal with all the stressors of life away from the job just like anyone else. They then put on a firearm and bulletproof vest to start a very stressful workday. Maybe the officer just came from a traffic accident where excessive speed resulted in a child’s death.

Cops are not out to get you. They are just doing a very tough job, and YOU have the opportunity to help make that job a little easier.

I watch many videos where people are out to challenge police as soon as they are contacted by the them. They are on a mission to tell officers their rights before any rights are violated. I don’t agree with this approach. I do agree with everyone knowing their rights and if they feel that at a specific moment their rights are violated, then calmly bring it to the officer’s attention.

At any time during a stop, you also have the right to request to speak to the officer’s supervisor. Do not abuse this right! Request the supervisor only on extreme circumstances.
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