Class #3 celebrates Desert Foothills Leadership Academy graduation

The Desert Foothills Leadership Academy (DFLA) would like to congratulate Class #3 on their graduation on November 9, 2023! The class consisted of the following people pictured here on “Government Day” with the Mayor of the Town of Cave Creek, Bob Morris and the Mayor of the Town of Carefree, John Crane: Kellen Brugman, Pat Campbell, Julie Clark, Lauren Cobb, John Collier, Karen Dahlman, Leeanne Gardner, Sarah Emerson, Samantha Gesell, August Heiss, Patty Jensen, Lon Johnson, Ken Madden, Helene Madden, Stephanie Maloney, Michael Maloney III, David Mawyer, Poppy Peterson, Benjamin Robinson, Allison Taylor, Brian Tobin, Frank Tyrol, and Colin Zaccagnio.

DFLA was founded in 2018 through an exclusive partnership between the Carefree-Cave Creek Chamber of Commerce and the Holland Center. DFLA’s mission is to educate, energize, and engage emerging leaders with the goal of enriching community life while responsibly mapping our future and sustaining our natural resources for generations to come. With days focusing on Fire, Water, Government, Public Safety, Electrical Energy, Education, Arts/Theatre, Commerce and Non-Profits and Leadership topics ranging from Conflict Resolution, Sustainable Leadership, Goal Setting, and Strategic Planning to Crafting a Purpose Statement, Mission Statement, and Core Values.

Stephanie Maloney, Class #3 graduate had this to say about her experience: “I’ve been in this area for 20 years. I’m frustrated with a lot of the things that are going on in the world and feel I can’t do anything about it, yet I feel if I’m going to be able to make an impact, it will be local. So, I needed to get involved, know, and understand what was going on. This program gave me the purpose and ability to understand what is going on in our community and not just what I’ve heard, or run into on a bulletin board, and speak from a place of knowledge and understanding. I knew some of these leadership tools already but starting a small business, it was good to get refreshers on the different tools that one can use to create and grow a business. This class is especially useful if you’re stepping into a leadership role for the first time. It’s a ton of great information and education. I really appreciate it and have a different viewpoint on everything. Now I can apply it differently from how I’ve done in the past. It’s been incredibly enriching for me!”

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