Do you feel safe at home?

The world is not what it was just three to five years ago. With our completely open southern border and with crime rapidly increasing and going unpunished, our environment has become much more dangerous. Big name stores are closing by the thousands across our nation due to the increase of theft, usually carried out by crowds of people. Our local police forces are dwindling in number. The proactive policing policy is a thing of the past and response times are also increasing.

It’s a sad reality, but many people do not feel safe in their home. There are many variables that could make you feel this way. The location of your residence is the main one. Do you live within the boundary of a large populated city, are you in a crime ridden area, do you live in a vastly populated building where you encounter numerous people within just a few yards from your front door? Nothing can change these things unless you picked up and moved. In these circumstances heightening your situational awareness will greatly assistance in your overall safety.

So, let’s take the previous mentioned variables out of the picture, does this now make you safer. Maybe not. Many criminals prefer to commit their crimes in less populated areas hoping that there our less people that might witness their crime, and as mentioned before, the police might not respond as quickly to a lower crime area than they would in an area that they are saturating because of the crime rate.

I feel the days of leaving the front door unlocked because of my home’s location are way past the times we live in today. Crimes are occurring everywhere and there’s no way to escape the possibility that it might show up at your front door.
When it comes to safety, I’ve always stated that there’s safety in numbers. So, if I live alone or there are only two or three occupants in my home, how do I increase these numbers without renting out every space of my home? The numbers don’t have to live under your roof, get out and get to know your neighbors. Build relationships with them and create a neighborhood safety plan. It doesn’t need to be extravagant, just begin the process of caring and looking out for each other. If you can do this with an entire neighborhood, you’re not just increasing your numbers, you’re also pushing out the perimeter of your safety zone. Hopefully now you will be alerted of safety concerns as they enter into your neighborhood instead of when they present themselves at your front door.

Now, turn your attention to your actual structure. Are there things you can change that might increase your ability to see danger before it’s so close that your forced to react? The ability to see a threat at distance is a tactical advantage. Clearing out or thinning some trees, bushes or moving some outside items might help you get a better view further from your home. This also takes away some of those hiding places that criminals like to use when scouting you and your house prior to committing their crime.

There are many things that you can do inside your house to create a safer environment. Firearms are always a part of my safety plan. Many people feel the same way but how many of them consider the location of where they keep that firearm or multiple firearms to be just as important as the firearm itself. Unless you have that firearm strapped to you every minute you’re in the home then where it is becomes very important.

I keep several firearms in my home. That way if there was an intruder from one side of my house, I would have access to a firearm from the other side of the house. I even have some western type firearms hanging as decorations, but they operate and are loaded.

There are many things you can do to protect yourself in your home, I’ve only touched on a few.

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