Kiwanis welcomes addition

The Kiwanis of Carefree Marketplace is pleased to announce the opening of our new Boot and Shoe Correl Department in the front of the Clothing area.  It is comprised of about 1,000 square feet of new space just for Men’s and Women’s shoes and boots.  “It not only provides this new space for displaying more shoes, but it opens up more space for Men’s clothing and an additional dressing room” according to Ms. Debbie Keller, Department Manager of Clothing and Shoes. 

The area was envisioned and designed by Geno Orrico, Facilities Manager of the Marketplace, as an expansion of the front section of that part of the store.  Geno says, “it provides for this independent space for boots and shoes with lots of natural light and huge shoe display areas where the store windows used to be as well as more room in the clothing area.”

Debbie Keller related that “the new addition has dramatically increased sales of boots and shoes, as well as clothing as 10 new “rounders” have been able to be added to the clothing display areas for increased merchandising; and customers are very happy to see another dressing room.”

General Manager of the Marketplace, Alex Perez, commented, “we are very happy with the new addition, not only in terms of increased sales revenue, but also those increases mean better service to our customers and to funding of more projects to our community.”