Mayor’s Corner

(Source: Cave Creek Corner)

Dear Cave Creek Residents and Merchants,
The most consistent complaint I hear is speeding. Our town has not only residents driving, but the through traffic going to Bartlett Lake, north Carefree and far north Scottsdale, Tonto Hills, Tonto Forest and Desert Mountain. In addition, there are concerning statistics on pedestrian safety along Cave Creek Road in the town core.

I, and I hope everyone, agree that safety is always the top priority. Cave Creek Road has the combination of speed and pedestrian population that make it the highest roadway risk in town.

The combination of speeding in the town core with crosswalks and limited walking paths is a serious risk. Some changes were made to improve the situation. The crosswalks/warning lights north of Harold’s, and the flashing red lights on the Schoolhouse/Cave Creek Road intersection stop signs, have helped somewhat. But more is needed.

Before I go further, there is a caveat. Money is in the draft budget for the improvements. But, final budget approval and the approval of specific items and contracts must occur before a firm course is set.

In my opinion, I strongly favor targeted and enhanced traffic speeding enforcement. This is underway. We have contracted for extra sheriff’s traffic enforcement that can be moved anywhere in town that problems show up.
The first step is usually placing a speed trailer on the problem street.

That trailer flashes the speed to the motorist plus it records time of day and speed. Thus, officers can be sent to a street at the specific time most likely to experience speeding.

Statistics show the number of speeding tickets has already increased dramatically.

Other changes in the works specific to the town core are new walkways in the entertainment district along with traffic calming, and lighted/raised crosswalks.

Why not sign up for the Town emails with notice of council meetings? That way you can follow progress and express your opinion in making our town safer!

Mayor Robert Morris
Town of Cave Creek