If you play golf, pickleball, or tennis, and have knee pain, please read this

Dr Leisa

We all know that we use our knees for so many activities, but here in Arizona, we play a lot of sports. For many of us, our daily activities are painful, exercise stops, and even getting in and out of the car hurts. This causes so many people to reduce their errands and socializing, due to the pain their knees cause on a daily basis. This is also a major cause of weight gain and health issues as a result. Knee pain can be as a result of an injury, or from arthritis due to aging. The most common form of arthritis is Osteoarthritis OA, or degenerative arthritis. This happens as we age. The Arthritis Foundation reports that over 27 million Americans suffer from OA. I’m going to recap some of this that I’ve written about before in case some of you haven’t read it. They also report that the knee is one of the most common areas affected. Some causes of OA include:

Age – most common factor
Weight – each pound of body weight can add up to 4 pounds of pressure on your knees
Hereditary – abnormal shape of the bones, genetic factors
Gender – more women develop osteoarthritis than men
Repetitive Stress Injuries – occupations and hobbies that involve repeated kneeling, squatting or heavy lifting (55 lbs or more) put a person at higher risk
Athletics – some sports such as golf, pickleball, tennis and running may contribute to the condition, although regular, moderate exercise may help prevent OA
Other illnesses – other conditions such as metabolic disorders, iron overload, excess growth hormone or rheumatoid arthritis (2nd most common type of arthritis)

Drugs for arthritis can be very toxic. I recently wrote an article on a recent study that shows that steroid injections such as cortisone actually increase the advancement of osteoarthritis , Major arthritis organizations are now recommending non-drug treatments as a result. Many are putting “heavy emphasis” on weight control and exercise to relieve knee pain.  

The problem is the pain of knee OA often leads to inactivity and weight gain, which leads to weakened muscles…which leads to a progression of OA…which causes more pain and less mobility…which leads to further reduction in activity…which leads to additional weight gain…and the downward spiral continues.
So here are your options rather than drugs or surgery….
Sports like golf, pickleball, and tennis are tough on our bodies, and are in many cases, not very good for our joints as we age. Especially when we’re still playing for many years. Many patients choose knee replacements. Full knee replacements are actually amputations. The bones of the femur, tibia, and fibula are cut to allow the new “knee” to be attached. This is not a procedure that can be tried out for a while, and have the old knee put back in. There are chances of serious infections that I hear about quite frequently in my practice. Surgery has side effects, including the possibility of death. Surgical rehab is lengthy and painful, and you won’t be playing your sport for quite a while as a result.

Acupuncture has also been shown to have beneficial effects for many knee OA patients.  This therapy may be especially beneficial for those who have other health problems which limit their treatment options. A Cochrane Database review of trials showed 8 weeks of acupuncture treatment improved pain by 4 points and improved function by 11 points on a 20-point scale.

There are many types of braces, supports, and other devices available by prescription, that may help OA pain.  Enough data has been gathered to cause both the OARSI and ACR to include them in their list of options for people with knee OA. They suggest patients seek a biomechanical evaluation from a chiropractic physician to determine what, if any, products would be a benefit. I offer insurance covered prescriptions for knee braces in my office. Please call me to be evaluated.

HCT, formally known as stem cells, is very effective for knee osteo arthritis. It can also be used as a preventive treatment before problems occur, causing you to lose time playing your sport. There are so many new products on the market for regenerative medicine clinics like mine that offer patients hope for regenerating cartilage, and helping the ligaments, tendons and surrounding muscle to grow back. There is a specific process that includes other treatments like PRP, ozone, bracing, and more, that increase patient outcome for their treatment. There is also virtually no down time or special rehab that requires you to stop playing your sport.
I help more and more patients every day with knee pain. My drug-free, surgery-free protocol which involves HCT, acupuncture, and proper prescription bracing help my patients get their life back. Please remember, my purpose is to help people live long, healthy, happy lives without drugs or surgery. Please contact my office for a complimentary consultation to see if I can help you.

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