Immediate Action by Town Marshal or Ineffective STR Ordinance?

Many Cave Creek homeowners attended the May 1, 2023 council meeting seeking relief from recurring nuisance behavior at a few STR (short-term rental) party houses.

Residents mentioned over-occupancy, alcohol and noise abuse by inconsiderate party goers. This detracts from their happiness and peaceful enjoyment of their homes.

The town council has been trying to pass a very poorly configured STR ordinance administered by city staff. Punitive action would be very slow – well after the violating incident. Harsh action would be taken against the property owner, not the offending party goer or renter.

Our Cave Creek neighbors deserve quicker and effective action for these very troubling concerns.
The suggestion was raised that, perhaps, the council could more easily update existing town code, giving the Marshal or contracting authority the ability to issue consequential citations on the spot at the time of violations to the actual offenders.

This ability to enforce would be applicable to all homes and businesses, not just STR situations. Active involvement by the town Marshal would also lessen the possibility of false claims to city staff by any vindictive neighbors.
Updating the existing town code would be an effective and economically prudent course to squelch these disturbing nuisance party houses.

Mike Haddock
Cave Creek