We DO Support the Proposed Carefree Tax

Here is why:

  1. “Automatic Aid is the Gold Standard.” The closest available emergency response is automatically dispatched from five surrounding fire stations (Phoenix, Scottsdale (2), Cave Creek or Carefree). With the current downsized Rural Metro, only one Carefree Station services our community, and the back up team travels from Rio Verde (nearly 20 miles away).
  2. The new property tax is dedicated funding for Automatic Aid ONLY. Emergency services are critical services and must be funded. We live in a desert, and our community is an older demographic where minutes count.
  3. Cave Creek left Rural Metro (as did Scottsdale) and joined Automatic Aid. Why? Because they know the value of massive, coordinated emergency resources when disaster strikes.
    Carefree is the last municipality in the Phoenix Valley without a commitment to Automatic Aid. Please join us by voting YES to ensure our public safety and save lives.

Nate & Sandy Hyde