Curious about Roth IRA conversions? Call Hundman Wealth Planning for a consult


Marielle D. Marne

CAREFREE – Ever consider a Roth IRA conversion? It’s not the right move for everyone, but Jim Hundman of Hundman Wealth Planning LLC can surely guide you.

Unsure what exactly happens in a Roth conversion? Basically, it involves taking some or all of the funds from a traditional IRA and converting it to a Roth. Or, if someone is severing ties with an employer, s/he may roll over a traditional 401(k) and convert it to a Roth. At that point, once converted, the money is taxable as ordinary income in the year the conversion is made. Once certain requirements are met and no exceptions are made (Hundman is a financial expert when it comes to these details and can explain them as it may affect each investor), then distributions are tax-free.

consider a Roth IRA? Unlike traditional IRAs, Roths aren’t subject to required minimum distributions or RMDs, which may result in tax savings each year. Additionally, Roths may provide tax diversification in retirement. With a Roth, it can perhaps act as a hedge against future tax hikes.

Whether a Roth IRA piques your interest or you have other money to invest, a call to Hundman Wealth Planning is a smart first step. The mission is to understand a client’s wants, needs and long-term goals that suit that client’s situation. It’s never been a one-size-fits-all scenario. The first question is always What’s important to you?

If you’re seeking retirement, tax and/or estate planning, reach out to Jim Hundman and his team at 480-625-3134. A complimentary consultation is available. Hundman Wealth Planning is located 36600 N Pima Rd, Suite 301 in Pima Norte.