A Small Price to Pay

Many, if not most of us who moved to Carefree from suburbs of Chicago, Detroit, New York or Philadelphia remember when we  were paying property taxes upwards of up  to $20,000 annually. I know….. my wife and I were among  them. However, we did not move to Carefree to avoid property tax…we moved for the beauty, tranquility and desert surroundings that we love here. At the same time, we counted on the services that Carefree could provide for 
emergencies and were happy to pay the $700 per year that the local fire company charged us many years ago for their response before the Town took over that responsibility.

Times have changed. Due to no fault of Carefree. the town is now an island with no backup for these services.

To pay a tiny fraction of what my wife and I were  paying in property taxes before moving here is an extremely small price to pay to lay my head on my pillow each night with less concern for our safety or well-being.

Jeff Kerner