Command Presence for Women

With so many bizarre discussions happening in our country today regarding the differences between a man and a woman, it is easy to get distracted about the real truths about the differences between a Man and a Woman. What I am about to discuss certainly does not apply in each individual case or comparison, but it is the general truth about the differences between a male and a female when it comes to self-protection. I’m old school and believe that part of a man’s responsibility is that at all times he will protect his female partner. However, with that said, it is also important that a woman learns specific ways to protect herself, either when she is alone and away from her male partner or to assist her partner in self-defense as a team. If you are a single woman who lives alone the knowledge of self-defense tactics is also very important. I am by no means saying that a woman needs a man to be safe in her environment, but she does need the proper knowledge to do so.

In Law enforcement there is something called “Use of Force Continuum.” This is basically a chart that serves as a guideline to determine how much force may be used against a subject in each situation. The chart begins at the lowest use of force, Officer Presence, and ends at the highest, deadly force. Depending on the Law Enforcement Agency there could be 5 to 7 levels in the chart. The level that I am concentrating on today is the first or lowest level. Officer presence, or in the civilian arena I like to call Command Presence. I believe this is not only the most important level of force but also if portrayed properly, the only level that can prevent an unwanted incident from occurring. Once you’ve increased to another level, something is already happening to you that you did not want or plan to experience at that particular moment.

So, to break it down in simpler terms, Command Presence means “How you carry yourself.” Criminals who are searching to victimize someone are looking at this and are weighing their success of committing their crime by the looks of their possible victim. I’ve seen the Police Officer with a poor “Officer Presence” constantly being challenged by suspects which usually end in physical altercations or even worse. On the other spectrum, those Officers who carried themselves in a professional manner, their equipment properly worn and showing a state of mind that portrayed confidence, barely ever being challenged by suspects or offenders.

Criminals tend to believe that women are easier targets and that they can easily overcome a woman in the commission of their crime. But I am here to tell you that a woman that carries herself with a sense of confidence, aware of her surroundings and possibly carrying some self-defense tools, can avert incidents from themselves. Criminals are not looking for a hard target.

Since I started my firearms instruction business, I’ve had an outpouring of women signing up for my Beginner/ Fundamental handgun course. I believe that women want to arm themselves because of the increase of crime and civil unrest occurrences in our country. I believe in the 2nd Amendment but because I carry a weapon doesn’t mean that is the answer to all my worries when it comes to self-protection. If I can avoid the incident all together that is my ultimate goal. Plus, the fact that you carry a weapon and that you might produce it during an incident doesn’t mean you will not become a victim. Training and the proper mindset, or “how you carry yourself” will make you victorious.

Constantly tell yourself that you will not be a victim today, carry this belief with confidence, be aware of your surroundings at all times, carry tools, i.e., whistle, pepper spray, weapon, and enhance your situational awareness.

Being aware of an impending threat is your head start to overcome it.

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Oz Johnson/Lead Instructor, NRA Certified
Karin Johnson/Operations Manager
[email protected]