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We should at least feel that we’re the age we are or younger. If you feel older, or look in the mirror, and look older, there are things you can do to help this get better. We all know that aging is inevitable, but it can happen in the healthiest way possible. How you look and feel is directly related to your health and lifestyle.
You don’t have to look like a movie star, or like someone who’s trying too hard to look younger, but it does help to age gracefully and healthily. We all know people who have poor health habits, and they look older than they are. They also usually feel more tired and feel older than they are also. The skin is the largest organ in the body, and it will directly reflect  the health of the person. One of the major reasons our skin ages, is that collagen diminishes as we age. The collagen is what makes the elasticity and brightness of the skin, like when we’re younger. As the collagen reduces, the skin is lackluster, and wrinkles as the elasticity is diminishing. There are healthy non-chemical ways to increase collagen production as we age.

A doctor assisted diet and supplementation program can also be added to help reduce the signs of aging, and help people not only look younger, but have more energy and feel younger. Many people try to supplement on their own, and find that it doesn’t always work the way they want. Good aesthetic procedures should include diet recommendations and supplementation. At Accurate Care Medical Wellness Center, we combine internal and external methods of anti-aging. We encourage patients to eat right and exercise to help in any way they can to help the body heal.  If you or anyone you know suffers from feeling and or looking older than your actual age, please call my office for a complimentary consultation. I am also available to consult over the phone or with video as well if needed.
Researchers have found over the years, that when skin has an abrasion at a deep level, it heals nicely with more elasticity and less wrinkles. This is because collagen assists in the healing of the tissue. There are procedures that can be done to abrase the skin, and help it to heal naturally.

The first treatment, microneedling, with PRP, or platelet rich plasma, is a great, natural, and minimally invasive procedure that also helps heal scars, age spots and wrinkles. During a standard session, the practitioner uses a device with needles to prick the skin and stimulate new collagen production. Prescription numbing cream is applied to the skin prior to treatment.  This treatment takes usually less than an hour, and is much less expensive than surgery. Doing this procedure is best done this time of the year, when we are exposed to less sun. Once the skin starts to heal, it has the appearance of less wrinkles, and brighten the skin to look younger and healthier.

PRP can also be injected into the skin to increase collagen growth. It can be done in the form of PRP which is the liquid form, or placed into an incubator to turn into a gel of platelet rich fibrin, or PRF. This PRF can also be used for specific treatments of musculoskeletal conditions like muscle tears, tendon tears, and joint conditions. For aesthetic purposes, the PRF is injected into the skin like the popular facial fillers used in aesthetics today. The main difference between facial fillers and PRF, is that PRF is made of tour own blood’s stem cells or growth cells. It promotes collagen production below the skin as a scaffolding to keep the skin looking healthier and fuller, not puffy and unnatural. The PRF stays under the skin for quite a while doing its work. It is not necessary to keep having the procedure done every year like facial fillers, as it’s still working. PRP is also used in our non-surgical hair restoration treatments, and sexual rejuvenation treatments that I’ll write about in another article.

We use the healthiest facial products available, and utilize cryotherapy, Radio Frequency and others with certain procedures as well.
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