Shock the Conscience

If I were asked to give a percentage of how many Americans really follow current events, I’m not really sure what that number would be. Even within my close circle of friends, I could possibly give you an estimation, but I couldn’t say for sure who really follows current events in a depth needed to really understand the event. A lot of people watch the news and see an event reported, but how many do their own research to investigate what prompted the event, specific details of the event, if this particular event will affect them, or even if the report of the event was true or accurate.

Many reports seen all over the media can really shock a person’s consciousness. If I were to write a fiction novel, I’m not sure if I could think up stories or events like what we are seeing every day on the news. I would probably think up a few crazy stories like, Life Insurance Companies reporting alarming and historical increase in deaths, Entire Communist Country revolts against life-threatening lockdowns, in another country Millions take to the streets for 30 plus days in protest of a stolen election, or Child Sex Trafficking and Pedophilia is a major epidemic across many civilized countries.

That’s without getting into any medical, pandemic or vaccine stories I could make up.
But that’s not fiction, its reality in 2022. Do any of these stories shock you? Do any of these stories surprise you? Do you know the details of these reports or have any idea what lead up to their occurrence, or do you care to know? There’s no right or wrong answer to that question because people deal with shocking or alarming news in different ways.
What happens when the shocking stories just keep coming, day in and day out? Every day one shocking report after another. How do you mentally deal with it? How do you stay sane from the bombardment of disturbing reports that become increasingly frequent? Do you dismiss it thinking that’s just the world we now live in? These things are atrocities, and they should be always looked at as such.

But how do you stop from going insane or from having extraordinary feelings in these extraordinary times? I tend to research and familiarize myself with the ins and outs of news reports. I feel the more history or knowledge surrounding the report the better I am in understanding the shocking news and not letting it shock my consciousness. If you are well informed on what is occurring around the globe many of these occurrences can often be predicted. It just helps with my sanity in this insane world we are currently living in.

I know that many more shocking news reports will continue to flood our news channels. The entire globe is at battle.
No, not Russia and Ukraine, but good vs evil. If you believe in God than you have to believe in Satan. Many scriptures in the Bible speak of Satan being the Ruler of the Earth. Even Jesus called Satan the ruler of this Earth. If you truly believe that then nothing you see or hear should shock you. Satan is working on this earth more than ever.

He is the universe’s public enemy number one, the highest enemy of God and His people, and the leader of uncounted demonic forces. So, should we be surprised at the shocking events that are taking place in the world today?
I believe this will soon come to an end. Have faith in God and in our military. These are extraordinary times we live in but also historical times. I believe good is working amongst us, in our country and around the world and all will soon be known for all to see.

God has determined as he said in Luke12:2-3 that the secrets will be uncovered, the truth will come forth, and God’s thought about every behavior and action will be vindicated. What’s done in the dark will come to light, and thank God, he has created it to operate so.

Stay informed, do your own research, stay in the Word, pray, and know that we all know without a doubt that God told us how the story ends. We Win!!

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Oz Johnson/Lead Instructor, NRA Certified