Tax planning is a big part of Hundman Wealth Planning; don’t wait until too late!

CAREFREE – Jim Hundman of Hundman Wealth Planning advises how to “minimize the taxes on your retirement plan, leaving greater assets for wealth transfer, philanthropy, and income.”

The problem? The tax burden of accessing the money in your qualified retirement plans (IRA, 401(k), profit sharing plan, etc.). Most folks know, retirement accounts are great for contributing pre-tax dollars, and tax deferred growth, but highly taxable at the time of withdrawal.

So, what’s the best way to get money out of your qualified retirement plan? Typical advice has been the same. If you need the money for retirement… Spend it as needed, limit your withdrawals to the required minimum distribution schedule, let the balance continue to grow tax deferred and consider a Roth IRA conversion. If you don’t need the money for your retirement… Consider charitable planning options and “stretch out” planning.

Hundman Wealth Planning offers an alternative tax efficient method of accessing your money from a qualified retirement plan and the repositioning of taxable assets (outside your qualified plan) into a tax-free growth position while you maintain control of investment selection. As well as a significant increase in the assets you pass on to your family and in your retirement income.

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