Website dedicated to forum, qualifications/platforms

  • JUNE 14, JUNE 15 — 7:00pm – 8:30pm

The website, is dedicated to publishing Cave Creek Council and Mayoral candidates’ qualifications and platform statements of issues they deem important and how, if elected, they will address them. Anyone who wishes to learn more about a candidate should go to the Candidate List and click on a name. The candidate’s qualifications and platform statements will then appear. The website is planned to launch on May 23rd, or sooner if all candidate information has been received.

The doors for the 2022 Candidate Election Forum at the Desert Foothills Library will open at 6:30pm on both nights. There will be a line of tables at the entrance of the forum to distribute nametages, programs, and placement of any information the candidates wish the public to have. Small bottles of water will be provided at no charge to candidates or the public. The public can meet and converse with candidates until 6:55pm, when everyone will be called to their seats for the forum to begin at 7:00pm. The public will be able to converse with candidates again at the close of the event.

Each night will start with the mayoral debates, followed by six of the twelve council candidates introducing themselves and then responding to two questions that will be asked. Order of speaking will be done by random selection prior to the event. The council candidates that do not speak on a specific evening will be asked to stand and will be acknowledged. All candidates have been asked to attend both evenings, and the audience is encouraged to do so as well in order to hear all twelve council candidates and two different mayoral debates. After closing remarks, both Council and Mayoral candidates will move to the back of the room to have conversations with the audience as they are leaving.

At the close of the Forum, audience members who wish to ask questions will be provided paper and pencil. Each attendee may ask two questions of all candidates. They will write one question per piece of paper, fold it in half and drop it into the box marked “Questions for Candidates” on their way out. The questions will be grouped by topic areas and published anonymously on the website. Candidates are asked to respond to these questions in a 500-word or less statement. Candidate responses will be posted as they are received. The website will remain open until after the election and when election results are posted.