Headaches….some types, causes, and treatments that work

Dr Leisa

There are many causes of headaches, and many types, but the most common headache I treat, is called the cervicogenic headache, typically brought on by poor posture or stress. Many patients have different types of headaches I will mention later in this article. Cox Technic (technique) with gentle corrections, acupuncture, diet change, and prescription postural bracing is extremely effective in treating most types. Hormone balancing is also a frequently missed cause of headaches as well.

I first ask my patients to complete a headache diary consisting of:
Day and time of the headache
Headache location
What the headache feels like
What you were doing when the headache began
How long the headache lasts
What makes it feel better or worse

I also ask my patients to write ALL food and drink they consume over a 7 day 24 hour period. This includes brand names of prepared foods as well.
Over 150 diagnostic headache categories have been scientifically established. The most common types of headaches are:

These are sometimes referred to as chronic daily headaches. Tension headaches are caused by muscle contractions and cause mild to moderate pain. Tension headaches come and go over a period of time.

Inflamed blood vessels and arteries literally squeeze around your brain until it hurts. You may feel nausea, increased blood pressure, and sensitivity to bright light or noise. One of the best treatments for migraines is chiropractic care.

The least common (but most severe) headache is often described as located behind the eye region. Cluster headaches can occur one to three times per day during a “cluster” period, which may last two weeks and extend as long as three months. To further complicate matters, a cluster headache may go into remission for months or years only to recur later down the line.

Finally, organic headaches are the result of abnormalities in the brain and can lead to serious consequences. Only 5% of headaches are organic. It is incredibly important to go to your nearest hospital immediately if you feel:
Sudden, sharp, severe pain
Sudden lack of balance or falling
Seizures or difficulty speaking

Once the type of headache is diagnosed, either by another physician prior to the patient coming in to see me, or once I’ve reviewed the patient’s headache diary, both the patient and myself are able to find the cause or causes of their pain. One major element is diet. So many patients and other physicians do not recognize specific additives, histamine responses, and timing of food to be causes. Over the last 27 years of my practice, I know that if these are not addressed, it is cheating the patient out of alternative treatments that may greatly benefit them. Medications alone are not always the answer. The patient must communicate not only what foods they are eating, but really give me a detailed description of the brands, and sources of their foods and drinks. This pretty much works every time. Stress and life issues are also very important in the treatment of headaches, and a counselor or psychologist may be recommended if necessary.

When the cause of the pain is determined, a treatment plan is recommended. My protocols may involve Cox Technic, acupuncture, and other associated treatments that will work on the musculoskeletal and in some cases, neurological causes.

Diet changes may be recommended to stop any chemical causes as well. A stretch routine and postural bracing like a prescription neck brace may be given, to protect the patient from poor posture that may be causing the pain also.
Bloodwork may be ordered, or previous tests done will be reviewed for any other possible causes, including hormone or chemical imbalance. I find very few patients have had the above recommendations made to find the cause of their headaches. They have mainly been given medications which only manage their headaches.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from headaches, please call my office for an appointment. I offer a complimentary consultation for my readers.

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