Meet Debbie. See how her itching for 1 year
finally stopped after her Shingles shot

Dr Leisa

Debbie was very healthy before she received the Shingles shot. She had no hives, itching, or other skin disorders. She’d been coming to me for many years and hadn’t told me anything about her itching. Many patients don’t tell me about conditions other than back issues because they don’t realize that I treat so much more than just the spine. This happens very frequently and sometimes it takes a while for patients to realize that I can help them with issues other than their back. I’m always here to support their history and what we’re going to do.

So finally Debbie shared her itching and hive condition. With each question in her exam, I verified that the timeline that started when she had the Shingles shot. She reported that since then, her itching disrupted her personal and work life due to the fact that she had this itching condition all day long. Nothing seemed to relieve it. She had seen her medical doctor, and even a dermatologist just to get relief. Nothing worked. No medications or creams ever gave her relief.
Once Debbie told me about what was going on, I told her I could probably help. Immediately I took a history on when it all started and what she had tried and what did not work. She was then placed on a treatment program.

The first thing I did was request bloodwork. I had to see if there were any issues with inflammation or allergies.
I then considered treatments with Traditional Chinese Acupuncture and what she was eating. She reported to me that no other doctor asked her what she had been eating at this point.
She had a history of a histamine reaction in her right eye that was elevated due to her stress levels and food she was eating.

I was able to balance her stress levels, acupuncture and supplements were prescribed. Her gut was also imbalanced, and I was able to balance that with certain probiotics that ensure histamines were down regulated. Many over-the-counter probiotics may not do that and could be working in the opposite direction.
Stress was a major component with her itching issues. Yes, the shingles shot started it, but her condition was flared up with stress levels as well as diet.

Many of her previous doctors recommended an antihistamine. By simply taking an antihistamine, this was counterproductive. There is a reason for histamines in our body and they should be balanced. In this case they were out of balance and overwhelming her body. By reducing all histamines artificially, this would have caused another problem.
Once her food and supplements including probiotics, worked in balance, her symptoms subsided. Her condition was resolved entirely and now she eats well and manages her stress.

Itching and skin disorders are other conditions we are able to help with at Accurate Care. If you have any internal disorders instead of just chiropractic and musculoskeletal issues, please give us a call. We’ll be happy to give you a complimentary consultation to see if we can help. We embrace difficult cases!

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