Trails and Trespass

I live on an extension of Morningstar Road which is a private easement. The entry to the easement is emblazoned with signs as is the easement itself that shout no trespass, private road and dead end. Those signs have been erected by my neighbor.

So I was surprised last week when I was going downhill and a male and female were riding bikes toward me. I rolled down the window and asked if they could read and why they were on a private road?

No answer, so I drove on and noticed they were leaving.

A couple of days later I looked from our ridge that overlooks the easement and saw three motorcycle riders racing off Morningstar onto the easement.

The easement road has four blind corners and are dangerous if you meet another vehicle since most of the road is only wide enough for one vehicle. All three were racing at a speed that was exceedingly dangerous.

They zoomed past my driveway and raced up the final hill toward my neighbor’s house even though there was a “dead end” sign.

Soon, one by one they raced down the hill and out. Since then we have noticed other bike and motorcycle tracks.

I now carry my camera and the phone number for the sheriff’s office in my truck and hope to have these idiots arrested.


I spent several weeks in the courthouse a few years ago when my neighbor sued Cave Creek to stop the proposed horse trail on our easement.

We won the suit but nothing more has happened.

First I talked to Bambi who handles trail issues for Cave Creek. She said she was waiting for issues between Mark Stapp and Cahava Springs to settle. Mark owns the property on which our easement resides. But the required work to proceed is done.

I talked to Mark and heard the same song other contractors have with Cave Creek and that is our rules and application of them are chickenshit!

I think Mark is having a meeting with the town manager tomorrow and she had better listen and deal with a serious town issue or the project and others simply will not advance.

In the meanwhile I hope contractors of all types send anonymous letters about the situations and how town players operate.

 While talking to Bambi I mentioned the rumor the town is planning to spend $160,000 for a trail on Highland Ave. She said it is planned, but the cost is $37,000. And she asserted it wasn’t Councilman Diefenderfer’s idea, although the trail ends there.