1700 people have died

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In the year 962, there lived what is considered to be China’s greatest poet. His name was Li Po (He did not have siblings named “Re” or “Ty”). Li PO liked to commune with nature. One evening he was in a small boat that was gliding across a placid lake when he decided to kiss the reflection of a full moon. He drowned.

A bird called the loon is the state bird of Minnesota. Engravings of loons are also on the one dollar coin of Canada. The loon is a member of the family Gaviidae. A sighting of a loon is widely considered to be lucky. Many professional hockey players carry at least one “loony dollar” for luck.

In a normal adult human, one can observe 32 teeth in his/her bigger grins. Adult alligators can greet you with an 80 tooth smile. One big advantage in the dental realm is that an Alligator mississippiensis has is endowed with replacement  teeth. A momma (or daddy) gator can replace any teeth lost in combat, rock chomping or inferior dental hygiene. One captured 14 foot female specimen was estimated to have lost at least 3,000 teeth in her lifetime. She could still bite.

Recent data indicates that about 25% of all murders committed in the United States occur in the victim’s home.

There are exactly 206 bones in the average mature human body.

Careful research has revealed that the following people had brown eyes: Julius Caesar, Dante, Voltaire, Paganini and Beethoven.

Meanwhile, it is recorded that Shakespeare, Lord Byron, Napoleon, the Duke of Wellington, Charles Dickens and Thomas Edison all had blue eyes. I cannot find out anything about The Eyes of Texas. – Perhaps a sort of green mesquite?

Since Golden Gate Bridge was completed in 1937, more than 1700 people have died as a result of leaping off the structure. There have been 25 known to have been alive after “the jump” – that yields a 1.4 percent of survival.

During 17th century England, it became the custom that only men who were physicians, rich merchants, ministers or lawyers were entitled to be addressed as “Mr.” And only their wives were to be addressed as “Mrs.” According to that custom, there were exactly 12 passengers on the Mayflower who “warranted” the rank of Mr. or Mrs. Well, I recommend that you avoid chomping-competitions with alligators – and that you have great day.

James White is a retired mathematics teacher who enjoys sharing fascinating trivia. He can be reached at [email protected].