I promised to contact Goldwater Institute about options the Cave Creek Town Council and the public have regarding the fact Paul Diefenderfer is on council even though he did not get enough signatures to be on the council ballot.

I sent a brief to Goldwater but have not yet received an answer.

The town used to back up Maricopa County Elections but no longer do. County Elections tell me citizens have 10 days to question their findings and if no reports/complaints are received the only option for citizens is recall.

I have received several questions about recall from voters. I think recall is the most likely but if the councilman were a gentleman he would resign, and how likely is that?

I also think council could vote to terminate him from council. How likely is that?

A friend dropped into an executive session before the session had started (which means the happenings can be disclosed.) Councilmen, legal staff and town staff were present and having a ball laughing about Dief’’s antics. How sweet!

So maybe County Elections is right, anyone for recall?

I have a businessman friend who keeps track of what is going on in town. He once came in asked if I knew of a new name for Cave Creek? I didn’t. He said it will be split into two parts, west of School House Road it will be Mexico, and east of School House Road it will be Sturgis.

The other day he asked if I had seen the new 45 foot structure in town. I hadn’t. He said to check out the dirt pile in back of the Post Office.

Yep, it is there! He talked to town employees who mostly didn’t know it was there. One did know. It will be moved elsewhere. The job will require 500 truck loads to move it out of the area. Want to bet the dirt pile move will take place during the busiest season, the snow bird times? Imagine the four way stop at Schoolhouse and Cave Creek Roads and the impact on local businesses, residents and tourists?