Cave Creek misadventures

Don Sorchych, my view

I received the letter below from John Hoeppner who is in the neighborhood where council member Diefendorfer has an establishment which seemingly ignores town rules and may be a fire hazard as well.

Hi Don,
I will have 15 signatures on the business “Home Occupation” complaint.  With Eileen’s help I predict we will more than double that number before filing. Susan Clancy told me should be signing this weekend.  I am expecting faxed signatures tomorrow from neighbors that are traveling in Wyoming and New York.

Here is a preliminary list of the Paul Diefenderfer / Desert Rat Forge fraudulent activities (in collusion with the town government).

1. Home Occupation Permit – No home on the property yet approved by the Town on 12/18/2018

2. Operation of an illegal commercial business in a residential zoned area

3. Building Permit: Progress inspection required at 180 days (6 months) or building permit will be revoked.  3 months past inspection. Town should have revoked

4. Travel Trailer Occupation – Town Code limits trailer as a living quarters to 4 months – He has lived in the trailer for over 1-year

5. APS – Permitted temporary power only to be used for travel trailer and well.  Desert Rat Forge is using power

6. Sewage Treatment: Boxcar Paulie asked the Town to provide sewer service – Town sent letter that service is not available – No inspection noted for septic tank installation – If no septic (we will have to confirm) where is he dumping his “crap” and waste water from his trailer and business?

7. Boxcar Paulie has been seen installing commercial fencing and other work that requires a “contractors” license. I just searched the registrar of Contractor database and there is no license for Boxcar or his business.  
I am certain there is more as Eileen and I dig deeper.  The plan is to file the business “Home Occupation” complaint with town on Thursday next week.

Thanks for your support on this local government scandal.

John Hoeppner
PO Box 4257
Cave Creek, AZ  85327  USA

But that is far from all. Who in town illegally signed off for town requirements that were not met? Whoever they are should be fired immediately.

Also, whoever told Difendorfer that he was being investigated should also be fired. As soon as Eileen Wright began her investigation, pickups began to appear at Difendorfer’s place perhaps signaling attempts to reach town codes not met.

If it is true that town staff illegally signed off because the applicant is a councilman, it should never happen again and somebody deserves termination.

Lastly, we hear that Ron Sova, former Vice Mayor, was chosen for the planning commission instead of REG MONACHINO who should never be on town’s commissions after his councilman status and kiss ass performance for Adam Trenk. I hear he argued his friendship with a council member should have been enough to vote him in. He was clearly told by Vice Mayor David Smith that he votes for the best qualified not friendships!

Lots of pluses for David!