Sandwich signs to be phased out in Cave Creek

The Cave Creek Town Council voted to phase out the use of portable signs, also known as sandwich signs. Businesses will be notified that in six months the signs will no longer be allowed in Cave Creek. The action came at the March 4 meeting of the Council. The Town’s sign ordinances were being reviewed and rewritten following a U.S. Supreme Court decision that restricts municipalities from controlling sign content. During the public comment on the changes the Council was presented with a petition bearing over 100 signatures of residents asking the Council to, “address the glut of temporary signage”. The proposal before the Council would have allowed one temporary sign per business. Council members decided to eliminate portable signs but to give businesses 180 days notice. Also in the ordinance is a provision that allows only one banner per business and that banner must be attached to the building and not allowed on fences, in parking lots, etc. The motion passed six to one with Councilwoman Royer voting against the ordinance changes.

A five year contract was approved for the use of the rodeo grounds for the annual Rodeo Days. Previously, the agreement was drawn up every year. Also gaining approval was an expenditure for $69,854.00 for engineering fees for planned upgrades to the monitoring system for the water and wastewater systems.