Corporation Commission to review APS rate hike

The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) will review the rate hike granted to Arizona Public Service (APS) in 2017. A grassroots effort led by single mom and small business owner Stacy Champion has been fighting a David vs. Goliath battle against the utility giant for a year. While there are many examples of people receiving far greater than the six percent increase that APS cited, the utility claims its 6 percent average is correct. Pinnacle West, APS’s parent company has seen its stock value grow significantly since the rate hike.

One part of the rate hike agreement was that APS must educate its customers on the various rate plans that consumers have to choose from. Some members of the ACC said that is the issue and APS failed to take the necessary time and steps to educate its consumers. This would mean that APS failed to comply with that portion of the rate hike agreement and thus a review of rate hike is warranted. A date for the review has not been set.