Killing the Deep State – The Fight to Save President Trump

Don Sorchych, my viewThis best selling Amazon book is written by Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D. In addition to the 188 pages of text, there are 26 pages of notes revealing the sources Corsi depended on and a 12 page Index.

Corsi had a long time involvement with Sheriff Joe Arpaio in the “Cold Case Posse” along with four others who were critically analyzing Obama’s birth certificate.

I hope Corsi’s next book is all about what a phony Obama is and how he fooled American voters twice.

Corsi’s book opens in 2017 with a review of the political mainstream and continuing explanations about the Deep State, formerly known as the Establishment.

If you get your news from major newspaper or television media, with the exception of Fox news, most of this book is a page turner and mind changer.

Good news sources are conservative talk radio or conservative press.

The book is organized in sections.

Part 1  The Deep State Embraces the #NeverTrump Movement.

1.   The Smoking Gun

2.   A Shattering Defeat and the left’s Paradise Lost

3.   The Deep State Targets Trump

4.   The Strategy to Block Trump’s Inauguration Fails

5.   Democrats Go Hard-Left

6.   The Deep State Sets a Trap

Part 2 The Deep State’s plan to Remove Trump From Office

7.   The Trump Dossier

8.   The Truth About “Russian Collusion”

9.   Mainstream Media Attack Trump

10.   Antifa Anarchists Go Wild

Part 3 How Trump Wins

11.   How Trump Can Win the Propaganda War

12.   The Counteroffensive Trump Must Launch

Conclusion: The Fight to Save President Trump

Reading Parts One and Two are important in order to have sufficient background to deal with the most important part of the book, namely “How does Trump win?” In that regard Corsi has splendid ideas, but will independent minded Trump listen? If he hears from you directly or by your contribution to polls there is a good chance he will listen.

Corsi began using examples of propaganda and propagandists. He starts with Nazi Germany and minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels. He explained Goebbel crated a meme drawing from eugenics to vilify Jews resulting in the Holocaust in which six million Jews were murdered.

He then explains how during the Vietnam War John Kerry used vicious lies to discredit the war and the conduct of U.S. soldiers. Kerry used Russian KGB disinformation to assault soldiers with propaganda.

There is a thorough discussion of the Deep States use of propaganda in the claims that President Trump “colluded” with Russia. From that Corsi develops two propaganda rules and two counter propaganda rules.

Propaganda rule one: Any facts that disprove the disinformation meme are rejected as not definitive because the investigation is continuing and proof might yet be found.

Propaganda rule two: Anyone attempting to disprove the truth of the disinformation meme is targeted for ridicule as part of the conspiracy theory.

You see proof of the above rules daily from major media and the Democrats.

Counterpropaganda Rule one: A propaganda campaign can only be defeated by the passage of time, as the public will lose interest in the disinformation narrative if no criminal convictions can be achieved by a special prosecutor’s efforts after the expenditure of enormous government resources in he attempt to do so.

Counterpropaganda Rule two:  Realizing the presidency is endowed with enormous powers,  a president must take action to change the subject by action aimed at addressing a legitimate national security crisis.

The point of this rule is to take charge of the news cycle. The tax reduction is a good example.

As may others have suggested Trump needs to “Lawyer up” with a large staff of bright and aggressive lawyers that take the political war to the Deep State and Congress.

To give his base confidence Trump must issue executive orders to keep support of his base and cancel Obama’s executive orders for the same reasons.

Trump must go after the bad actors, starting by eliminating Obama holdovers and government corruption. The Clintons are easy targets as are their cohorts. So is Obama, Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch and dozens more contaminated by their criminality.

What Donald Trump needs from us is a loyal and growing base of conservatives who vote for his supporters and help in any way you can. There is so much more in Corsi’s book so start there and you will have valid answers for any leftist assertion. Lets us make America GREAT again!