A new name for progressives

Steele Coddington

Most readers of this column are familiar with Arbuckle, my Border Collie, whose intellect puts him on a level with most Harvard graduates. I have to say that every time I discuss his ideas with him so he’ll use English instead of some foreign language. We’re very close – you know the old saying, “A dog and his man.” His shepherding instincts also provide his amazing sense of humor. Gee, if Jimmy Fallon had a sense of humor as good as Arbuckle’s, he might be considered a comedian instead of a late-night TV buffoon.

Arbuckle’s assessment of sheep behavior is considered infallible and that’s why any of his conclusions relating to the current Democrat/Progressive party’s slither to the outhouse level of politics is so impeccably accurate. Their ideas are outmoded lefty propaganda, and old enough to classify as rotten eggs. When their leftist leaders meet to promote the agenda formulated by their leaders George Soros, Media Matters and Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, Warren, Perez, Ellison and Sanders, it’s difficult to tell if one or all “cut the cheese,” as my grandfather used to say.

Nothing is really new in terms of ideology about today’s progressive programs featuring transfer of wealth, political correctness, social justice, class warfare and the rest of their false agenda. Surely all the articles this November commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Bolsheviks revolution, Marx, Lenin, starvation, enforced atheism, Mao, Stalin, and the spread of evil, were and are reminders of that era.

Many elements of those old prohibitions on individual freedom and thought control remain all over the world. They exist as residual ideologies and seem to never go away. They are constantly resurrected and modernized and promoted to influence low information voters, immigrants, leftists and haters of America. Witness organizations recently touting destructive agendas like Democratic Socialism, Identity Politics, the “Resistance,” undermining an elected President, and the “Shadow Government” of unelected bureaucrats purposely left in place by a previous administration. All aided and abetted by an increasing bias of the prevaricating, progressive propaganda of the pusillanimous pundits of the press.

So we need to give all of them a derogatory name that defines the ugliness of their real personas. Arbuckle’s recommendation is “FARTINOCCHIO.” The first part of the word is recognizable as something always unpleasant, undesirable and publicly repulsive. The remaining part of the word is “INOCCHIO” which is Pinocchio without the P, synonymous for liar and untruth. Together, the full word “FARTINOCCHIO” describes all the adjectives applicable to the new progressives and their phony agenda. Smelly old lies! Want to know what’s really causing global warming? All those smelly old FARTINOCCHIOS meeting with the ghost of Saul Alinsky author of “Rules for Radicals” in DC, helping Bernie Sanders transform America into a socialist paradise like Venezuela.